Replacement windows are one of the best investments you can make in your home. New energy efficient vinyl windows are more important today than ever before for those who want lasting beauty and affordability. Every window we offer provides excellent energy efficiency and is available in sizes and styles to match your needs perfectly. Please take a moment to review our window replacement options…


Double Hung

The Double Hung window consists of two “sashes”, one on top and one on the bottom…that slide up and down as well as tilt in for easy cleaning.



One of the most refreshing of window designs is the Horizontal Slider. Both sashes (sometimes called a vent) slide independently allowing for maximum ventilation. Horizontal Sliders come in the “2 Lite” and “3 Lite” varieties. In a 2-Lite (2 section) slider…each sash slides. In a 3-Lite Slider, the sashes on either end both slide while the center panel is stationary.



Sometimes referred to as a “fixed” window…Picture Windows are the ultimate in Panoramic Views. They often fill large spaces and offer expansive views, letting nature’s light pour into your home.

Besides being a decorative centerpiece, Picture Windows are extremely energy efficient. With air infiltration virtually eliminated, and the amazing glass technologies available…expanded views mean warmer spaces.



These windows “crank out”, acting like a door on a hinge. Casements open outward to either the left or the right. They can be joined together(mulled), and it is not uncommon to see “double” casements, and “triple” casement combinations.